Introduction: Copper Wire Belt Buckle

Single pin copper wire belt buckle, made from 6 gauge wire but you can use what ever thickness you want this is only a general guide so feel free to make it bigger or smaller depending on your size of belt.

Step 1: The Making

i got the wire from home depo but you can get it at almost any hardware store, and iv found the thicker wire the better but harder to bend.

Step 2: The Bending

i bent the wire as shown with pliers, a hammer, and a propane torch to soften the copper to make it easier to bend. the wire in the pictures is actually 12 gauge wire because it was to hard to take pictures while making it.

Step 3: The Hard Part

this part is the hardest part because you have to bend 2 wires at once and they sometimes slip so its best to use a propane torch here to get them red hot, so its easy to bend.

Step 4: The Important Part

this is the step where u want to bend it to the size of your belt so it fits right and doesn't scratch the leather. so to get the right size measure the with of your belt then add about 1/4" and that's the size you want, you might have to adjust the previous step if you change the dimensions of this step by alot.

Step 5: The Pin

for the pin you can do what ever you want, if you have a belt with small holes you can hammer the to wires together so that they shrink, if you want the tip tapper down you can do that by hammering then bending the tip. the size really depends on you so do whatever u want. (iv made one that is soldered together for a smaller tip)

Step 6: Enjoy Your Custom Belt

now you can either wear it how it is or blue it with ammonia and salt or blacken it fully with a propane torch its up to you!

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