Introduction: Cord Minder

Most people have drawers or boxes cluttered with various cords to connect our digital lives to one device or another, wall chargers to power up those devices or adapter cables to make them compatible to work with what piece of technology we currently have on hand, or may have gotten rid of.  i.e., we have JUNK DRAWERS!!

If you are like me, this drives me CRAZY!!.  When I reach in to get the charger cable for my cell phone, I end up pulling out half of the other cables with it.  BOO!

In this instructable, I will show you how to reduce that clutter for ZERO cost, and very little of your time and effort.

Step 1:

When I was looking for small, relatively inexpensive plastic containers to hold my various fishing tackles that I keep in my waist pack (small hooks, sinkers, troll bait, etc.), I turned to discarded and used 35mm film containers.

These can be found at any film processing plant, and if you ask the technician for them, they will gladly hand them over to you by the bag full.  These containers are rubbish to them and only add one more step to their work day when it comes time to take out the trash.  They may be one person's rubbish, but very handy items for a lot of things.  I get mine at Wally World, and one of the technician there knows to hold onto the clear ones for me.  They are my preference since I can see what is inside more easily than the black ones.  This is helpful for things such as small screws, nuts, washers, garden seeds, and so on...

Step 2:

What you will need:

An empty 35mm film container.

A sharp knife.

The lids from the film containers are not used for this project.  If your community has a recycling program that accepts this type of plastic, please do the right thing and recycle them.  In Hawaii, we say "Pono", for "Do what's right".

Step 3:

Begin by cutting around the bottom of the plastic film container until the entire bottom can be removed.  If you take your time, you can get a pretty clean cut.  Don't worry if the cut is uneven.  We are just trying  to make a plastic sleeve.

Step 4:

If you are of the anal type and have to have the bottom of the plastic film container "perfect", insert it into another film container and use it as a guide.

Step 5:

When you are all done cutting the bottoms off of several of the plastic film containers, start to organize your cluttered up drawer!

Step 6:

It is very easy to wrap the cords around your fingers and to insert them into your new "Cord Minder".

Step 7:

We went from messy to classy in no time!

I hope this helps someone out there!