Introduction: Corded String GPS Device

So all you will need for this GPS is a skinny tube (ie toilet paper holder or tampon apllicator), a roll of corded string ( can be glow in the dark), some duck tape,  a bobbie pin, thicker nylon string, a belt, and common sense..

Step 1: Assembly

Gather your supplies
cut a piece of the nylon string about 1 foot long
attach a bobbie pin to the end
feed the string through the toilet paper dispenser
roll duck tape backwards over the tube
place the rolled up cording over the dispenser tube
attach using fed through string to belt or fanny pack (not backpack!!)

Attach the devices string to something stable like a stake or trail or hitch. I used a drawer

Step 2: Trial and Error

I thought it would be a great idea to attach this to a backpack i discovered that it just does not work because the string cant hang freely and as a result, becomes tangled. So I grabbed the next handy thing, my belt. I easily attached it and it worked on the first try!!

Step 3: It Works Even in the Dark

To prove to you that this can be used on  a camping trip in the dark, I blindfolded myself!

Step 4: GPS in Action!!

Here's the video of me using the string GPS blindfolded...

JK it wouldnt attach.... :(

Any way it worked!!

I attached two screenshots from the video

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