Introduction: Cordless Drill Charging Tool Wall and Storage Rack

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I wanted to create an organized wall system for my various cordless power tools and a way to charge and store the batteries. The result? Deep shelves in the bottom unit, a "counter", a cubby hole section, pistol grips and a wooden wall that can be used to hold different tools. For the complete process of this build, make sure to watch the video that goes overall the steps.

Step 1: Cut the Pieces to Size

I began with cutting up the plywood to size. For this build I'm using 3/4 inch plywood for all the sections.

If you'd like more precise directions of the process. then you can download this free plan of this build.

I simply used a circular saw and a miter saw for all my cuts, so it's certainly possible to build this tool wall using limited tools.

Step 2: Assemble the Base

First up, the base. I began with creating a basic box, using screws to assemble.

Then I added a nailing strip, and positioned the middle shelf by placing the divider on the sides while screwing in. Finally I attached the divider in the middle. For the top section, I used pocket holes, since I wasn't able to reach it from the underside.

Once the base was assembled, I attached the unit to the wall by screwing through the nailing strip into the studs. I positioned the unit on top of the foundation in my garage, so it's a little bit off the ground.

Step 3: The Cubby Unit

Once the base unit was constructed, I assembled the pieces for the cubby section, again using screws for assembly. The top shelf is a little wider than the remaining cubbies, so it can be used as a deeper shelf.

Step 4: Attach the Backing

To secure the cubby unit to the wall, I first secured the back section for the middle to the sides of the cubbies using pocket screws. Then the back piece functioned as a large nailing strip which I attached to the wall into the studs.

Step 5: Pistol Grip

I painted the base and the top unit, and moved on to create the pistol grips. I wanted this unit to be able to hold a variety of drills as well as nailing gun, glue gun and other similar tools.

I attached plywood pieces together with glue and then nail gun, altogether I made 6 plywood sections, that I attached to a board to create the pistol grips. Once all the pieces were attached, I went back and secured everything with screws.

Step 6: Back Wall

To create some more contrast and visual interest, I decided to cut up some thin strips of wood to nail to the back piece of the wall. At first I had stained the plywood, but I didn't think it looked that great, so instead I nailed on the wood strips, which turned out pretty neat.

Step 7: Extra Storage & Finishing Touches

To create extra storage, I added some plastic VersaTrack hooks to the sides of the unit, so I could add hooks and store extension cords, compressor hoses etc... I added a lighting strip around the whole unit for some additional light and then attached battery chargers to the sides before addition a variety of tools.

Step 8: Conclusion - Watch the Video

For a much better perspective, make sure the check out the video that goes over all the steps of this build in more detail!

Step 9: