Introduction: Cordless Tool Chest

Saw lots of different designs to create a cordless tool station. Had a free weekend so thought I'd give it a try.

I originally planned on plywood but happened upon some 1x12 scrap wood at the local store which i picked up and worked great.

The rough planes at 36" x 24" x 12". I ended up only making the top and bottom shelf's fastened and the other shelves adjustable. Originally thought the tool holder shelf should be secured but glad i didn't having it adjustable allowed me to include the multi tool.


2 1x12x9 pine board

1 3/8" dowel

1 1/2 2x4 plywood.

Step 1: Cut Frame & Shelves

Cut 2 36" 1x12 .

cut 5 24" 1x12 for shelves. (actually cut to 23 1/2 to fully use boards i had allowing for saw blade width on each cut).

Drilled holes in the 2 side boards apx 1/2" deep every 2 inches.

Attached bottom & top shelves.

Step 2: Tool Holder

i drilled 1 3/4 inch holes about 5" from edge on 4 " centers, then used table saw to cut out slots. hopefully i didn't compromise the board to much - so far no issues.

I think you could get away with 1 1/2" holes but the angle grinder is a little wider.

Lots of designs store the head of the tool up - I choice to store the battery side up which allowed more consistency and a smaller hole was required.

Step 3: Cut Dowel and Place Shelves

I cut the 3/8 inch dowel's into 1 1/2 inch pieces for holding the shelves.

I cut the 1/2 plywood for the backing & shelf lip.

Step 4: Added Charger

I debated between mounting the charger on the outside or placing on a shelf. Ended up mounting. 1) didn't want to waste shelf space, 2) the design of the charger when on a shelf doesn't allow you to see charging lights.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

I loved the way it turned out. The bag provided for holding all the tools was bulky, and tools just piled in there hard to get at.

With the wider slots & adjustable shelves was happy both the angle grinder & multi tool could be stored on tool shelf and was able to adjust it high enough to allow for reciprocal saw underneath.

I saw several designs where a "slot" was cut to allow circular saw to sit.- It ended up being taller (even with slot for blade) than laying it on it's side.

Picked up a cheapo tool box to store the attachments and tools.

Will probably put a coating of polyurethane on. but will save that for another weekend :) Kids picked out a dark stain to finish it up. Think next time will review a few instructables on proper staining methods ...