Introduction: Cordless Screwdriver Adapter Hack

So I have a cordless screwdriver and lots of "many in one" screwdriver kits. While the kit is great, the stock bits are a bit too large for most electronics projects. I've always wanted an adapter to allow me to use the 3mm bits from the kits with the cordless screwdriver. The kits are really cheap, probably a couple dollars. So, here's a hack to marry the two together so that you can use bits from the kit with the cordless screwdriver.

Step 1: Break Your Screwdriver

Get the cheap screwdriver and break off the plastic handle. It should be fairly simple, just use a hammer. Make sure not to damage the bit acceptor in the proce I had a handle break on me so I had the top part lying around.

Step 2: Break Some More

The bottom of the bit acceptor should be held on with some glue. Remove it using pliers, or just cut it off with a hacksaw.

Step 3: Sand and Sand and Sand Away

Now to the fun part, get out your favourite sander and sand till the bit acceprot fits in your screwdriver. Make sure you sand the bottom half of the bit acceptor, not the top where the bits are supposed to go.

It doesn't have to be pretty, just get something which fits snugly into the screwdriver. Go slow, and try the fit with the screwdriver often. A good way to find where sanding is needed the most is to look for shiny spots on the metal after you try to fit the bit acceptor into the screwdriver.

Step 4: Finished

After enough sanding you should be done. Congrats, you have just added 30 extra bits to your cordless screwdriver for about two bucks.

Happy hacking!

Step 5: