Introduction: Core Agility Training Machine


The project that I am working on is the "Core Agility Training Machine" which the machine trains your core and the flexibility, reaction speed of core muscles. I would like to make a machine functioning like this because I am also an athlete that the sport I'm playing requires strong strength from core. The flexibility of the core may determine whether the athlete is balanced and stable. For example, 100 meters sprinters may have a set of training that concentrates on the core. The speed of reaction of the core may affect the instant muscle reaction because the core muscle is the basis of all muscles.

As an athlete, I understand that every sport requires strong core strength and flexibility. Because of that, the introduced machine is able to help the athlete construct stronger core muscles.

The machine requires the participant to perform a high plank pose and press the "restart" button on the Arduino circuit board and begin the training. The machine will be placed at the center of your body which is under the stomach, and there will be eight individual LED s connected to the machine which is placed in front / behind the feet & hands position. When a LED light bulb shines, you must pass the ball to the indicated limb. After you passed the ball, another light bulb will shine. This process will repeat for 20 times for a set, then the participant may rest for one minute. There will be three sets for this training. I hope your core muscles will strengthen after this training!!!

Step 1: Materials

Before making this machine, make sure that you have enough materials and resources for you to use.

If your materials are not enough, there are three places suggested. Search for:

1. 光華商場

2. 弘大電子材料行

3. 大山電子材料行

It is suggested to buy materials from actual stores instead of online shopping because there might be some unpredictable circumstances while making or shipping the materials. The circumstances may delay the date of materials arrival which you might not be able to hand in the project (if it is) on time.

For this project, you will need the materials below:

1. An Arduino circuit board

2. One set of each type wires (picture as shown above)

3. A softball for the participant to pass around the limbs

4. Eight to nine red LED light bulb (same as above, it is suggested to prepare another additional one)

5. A yoga met (provide the elbows a comfortable condition which is softer and reduce the painfulness)

6. A timer (between every set of the core training, there is exactly one minute to rest)

Step 2: Procedure

In this part, the instructions are introduced and the participants will have to follow.


1. Learn how to connect the wires with the circuit board

2. After learning start to list out the materials needed

3. Then, start to connect the wires as you just learned

4. After finishing wiring, check if the wires are securely connected and bonded

5. If there is no problem, it's done


1. Place your feet and hands on a comfortable and correct position

2. Press the "restart" button at the Arduino Circuit board (the start button will not count as one which means you have to pass the ball for 20 times)

3. Begin the training

4. Be extremely focused on observing which light shines (shown on the circuit board)

5. The light will remain shining for 3 seconds, and the participants should be able to pass balls in between arms or feet on time

6. After 20 passes, the participant is allowed to rest for one minute (person responsible for timing should time the time)

7. The process will continue for another two times, then, the training is over.

Step 3: Coding

Procedures for coding:

1. Learn how to code for led shining and response towards button pressing

2. Then, you may start to code

3. Remember to check if the blocks are placed correctly

4. When you are done coding, please select the Port "Arduino Leonardo"

5. Double-check if the blocks are placed at the right place, and Port is selected correctly

6. Press "upload" on the screen on your computer

7. If the Arduino software shows information of uploading failure, you might want to go back and check

8. If the Arduino software successfully uploaded the codes to the board, you're done!!!

Click here for code

Step 4: Product

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