Introduction: Core Burning Rocket Easy

This is a simple easy core burning rocket motor that will be made out of some cheap materials
sorry that some of the photos are upside down potassium nitrate is not poisonous as it is used in some meat

Step 1: Rocket Powder

take 60 grams of potassium nitrate and grind it in a food processor until it's a fine powder remove and place in ziplock bag now take 35 g of white sugar and grind in a food processor until fine powder do not use icing sugar as it does not burn well place this in a ziplock bag as well and shake for 3 minutes
Now take about 20 grams of kitty litter in grind in a food processor until it is a fine powder place it in a separate ziplock bag

Step 2: Loading the Rocket

take a piece of 25mm PVC pipe and cut it to 5 in long this will be the body of the rocket now take a piece of wooden Dowling twice as long as the pipe Mark this as shown in the first photo place your PVC pipe on a brick and funnel in a small amount of kitty litter insert the wooden doweling and ram until the mark labelled clay meets up with the top of the PVC pipe you should now have a hardcore at the bottom of your rocket do the same with the white mix until it meets up with the marker and then put on a final layer of kitty litter lastly take a 5 mm drill bits and carefully by hand drill from the bottom of the rocket up to the top of the white mix do not use a power drill as it may cause too much heat which will ignite to your rocket

Step 3: Cone Fins and Launching System

Take a square of paper and cut it 10 cm by 10 cm fold it as shown in photos and cut a small Grove across the top fold over the rocket and glue it in place. For the top take a circle of paper and cut a slot into the middle. Roll into a cone shape and fold and glue on top of your rocket
for Launching take a paper straw and cut it to 10 cm long tape with Clear Sellotape to the side of your rocket

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Take a metal stick that is at least 80 cm long which fits inside the straw make some fuse cord using the link push the metal Rod into the ground and put 5 cm of over it slide your completed rocket over the top and push a small piece of the fuse into the bottom of the rocket. Light the Fuse and stand back
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