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Introduction: Corian Ringmaking

Making Corian rings on the lathe is a blast. It's fun, easy, and pretty cheap. Corian and Avonite samples can be found in many places including eBay, Craigslist, and local counter top suppliers. They cut with regular carbide woodworking tools and offer fantastic results.

The process I use is very simple. The blank Corian ring is first cut with a regular hole saw (they cost about $12 at local hardware stores). I then cut a glue block to hold the Corian also with the same size hole saw and then glue them together. Plain old super glue works fine and sets up within about five minutes.

To hold the blank in the scroll chuck I use two pieces of plywood that were cut with a larger hole saw. Once the inside size of the ring is cut out I part the ring from the glue block (with a $2 home made parting tool) but leave the glue block in the scroll chuck. The left over and remaining glue block is then formed a little to hold the ring for trimming and finishing.

The video shows the whole process. The tools I use on the lathe are cheap home-built ones; there is no need to spend a fortune on lathe tools when you can make your own carbide ones for less than $15 each.

The video link:

Thanks for taking a look and have fun!

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    You sure as heck are imaginative. I have a short pile of cutouts I've been looking to use and now I have a project :-)