Introduction: Cork Lighting


To create a new eco lighting solutions that are warm, soft and aesthetic material I use recycled cork and wood.I hope you like.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

  • 2 clothes hangers
  • 35x50 cork roll
  • 2screw
  • utillty knife
  • silicone gun
  • spray paint
  • drill

Step 2: Let's Start With How to Create Lighting Form

With my materials I designed my lamp in my mind.I draw so many sketch for decide lighting form.Finally I chose ones.

Step 3: Let's Start With Creating Body

I created lamp floor and attach clothes hangers with drill and combined my wooden floor.With this form I drilled 6 holes for wires.

Step 4: Let's Paint Our Lamp

I colored my lamp .with spray paint.

Step 5: Form at Dress

With cork roll I designed my lamp form. Silicone gun is help me with this step.

Step 6: Time to Lighting

With this dress form I created lamp and used socket,lamp,wire ,silicone gun.This step is finish like that.

Step 7: Lamp Is Ready

Now it's time to sleep with my cute lamp :)

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