Cork USB/Pen Drive



Introduction: Cork USB/Pen Drive

In this Instructable I'll show you how to make a cork USB. this can be a bit tricky when hollowing out the cork.
WARNING: hollowing out cork is dangerous is knife cuts through cork. Some hot glue guns may be too hot and could damage your USB memory. I'm not responsible for any damages (to you or your USB).
This is for the Pocket Sized Comp(It's my first instructable ever).

Step 1: Find Materials

Here you need:
Cork (the larger the better [Champagne cork even better])
USB (Buy only insides or open yourself)
Hot glue gun
Pocket Knife/Stanley Knife (preferably small blade)

Permanent marker or felt tip pen

Step 2: Cut Open Cork

(Before you start you may want to turn on your glue gun if it takes a while to heat up)
Mark on USB with marker where actual USB will enter USB port.
Cut straight down the line into 2 parts.

Step 3: Hollow Out Cork

Color in about where the USB will fit into cork with marker.
Then, with knife, cut around the colored in box.
Cut as deep as you can.
It doesnt matter if the knife goes out the other side but try to avoid that happening.

Step 4: Inserting USB

In this step just gently push USB into cork to see if if fits.
If it doesn't, then keep hollowing out the cork to make a bigger hole.
If it does then go onto next step.

Step 5: Glue in Place

Do a double ckeck to see that it fits right.
If it does then glue on both sides of USB and quickly insert into cork.
Put some more glue in on the sides and squeeze cork slightly to make sure all glue sticks onto cork.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Now, if your like me and didn't cut it in half straight or cut straight through the middle of the cork then it's time to patch it up.
Find some large pieces out of the pile of leftovers.
Dab some glue where your going to fill and fit the pieces into the hole.

Step 7: Done

If all steps are done correctly, then your USB should look like this.

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