Introduction: Cork Worldmap

Hi everbody! this is my second project. I'm 17 years old and studiyng Industrial Product design. I my free time i make some cool stuff. I wanted to make a world map out of cork. So i went to the local market and bought cork. I made my design In CorelDRAW X7. this is a very easy project but you will get a very nice product!

Step 1: Search for a Worldmap

First you need a picture of a worldmap. i didn't want a complicated worldmap because the laser cutter can't cut all the smart parts. so i decided to take a simple design. I imported this picture in coreldraw and made it into vectors. Then I cutted this document on cork and the negative of it into plexi glass. So the cork would fall into the plexi glass. (unfortunately the cork stil sticks out)

Step 2: Coreldraw Document.

Here are my coreldraw document. the first one is the map on the plate. the second one are the parts together so i didn't need much cork.

Step 3: Assemble the Parts