Introduction: Cork and Lollipop to Fishing Bobber (The CoLoBo).

As a fan of fishing and efficient recycling, I could not pass the opportunity to combine corks and the hollow tubes from some lollipops I kept.

The result was the CoLoBo (Cork-Lollipop Bobber), a bobber that can be both sliding or fixed, depending on your application.

It is a very quick and easy project. It will probably take you about two minutes for each.

Step 1: Equipment and Tools.

For one CoLoBo:

-1 Cork

-1 plastic lollipop stick (hollow).

-1 drill bit on the size of the stick. (4 mm for most of the lollipops)

Step 2: Drill Drill Drill.....

Pretty straightforward step. Just drill the cork.

Also snip a bit of the top of the stick, as there might be leftover lollipop which could clog the tube.

Step 3: Assembly.

Push the stick through and you are done.

You will notice that the stick encounters some resistance. If it slides easily then your hole is wider than it should.

Now if you push the fishing line through the tube you have a sliding bobber.

If you first push the line through the cork's hole and then apply the stick through the corks's hole, the tube-cork will firmly grip the line, thus creating a fixed bobber.

And that is all folks....

A quick and simple way to create a versatile bobber by repurposing garbage.


Of course you can paint, or even sand the cork a bit to give it some style according to personal taste.

If you do not want to use a lollipop stick, you can use a shish kebab stick, thus operating solely as a fixed bobber.

Step 4: Optional. (Double CoLoBo)

In this case I used an empty pen ink tube. As it is longer I could use two corks together, in the same way. A very useful assembly when using a heavier tackle.

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