Introduction: Cork Girl Finger Puppet

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Here is another cork finger puppet instructable!

Here is a list of what you need before you begin:

-2 wine corks

-colorful paper, fabric would work just as well but it would take longer.

-a small paring knife


-1 3/4 in. large wooden bead (for head)



-a skinny paintbrush

-embroidery floss

Step 1: Cutting the Finger Hole

If you want just a little doll you can skip this step.

When performing this step you must be very careful as not to cut to much of the cork or to cut yourself! Twist the knife in a circular motion.

I included a picture of it on an 8 year olds finger, so you can visualize how much you need to cut.

Step 2: Make Her a Skirt!

As I said before, you can use fabric in place of paper, but for those of you using paper:

Cut a shape out similar to the one shown .

Wrap it around her

glue it

Let dry

When dry, trim the skirt to create preferred edges.

Step 3: Paint Her Face

I recommend using red for her mouth and dark green, blue , brown, or
black for the eyes. Use black for a nose outline.Let dry before making hair.

Step 4: Make Her a Top and Arms!

Use 2 skinny ribbons or one large ribbon to wrap around her as a top.

Cut arms out of a cork

Start by cutting a small fraction of the cork longways then cut it in half long ways then trim to desired length. Refer to picture for a finished example.

Step 5: Making Hair

Get the brown embroidery floss and wrap it around a finger several
times. Then , pinch it at one place in the circle you made by wrapping it around your fingers and glue that spot to the top of the painted bead. Cut it so there is just strands of hair , no loops.

Step 6: Put It Together

Now you get to put it together! Glue the head onto the body and let dry before playing with!