Introduction: Cork Rocket

This is a very simple rocket that you can build with home materials.
It is powered with water, vinegar, salt, and baking soda.

Step 1: Materials

materials you will need:
- water
- vinegar
- salt
- baking soda
- cork
- plastic bottle (any bottle will work if the cork fits snugly into the mouth)
- toilet paper
- rubber band or string

tools you will need:
- knife
- funnel (optional)
- cup

Step 2: Adding the Propelant

Take the vinegar and pour about 1 cup into the cup or dish. Then pour some water so that you have an even amount of water into the dish. Now you should have a 50/50 mixture in the dish. Place the funnel into the bottle mouth and pour the 50/50 mixture into the bottle.

Step 3: Making the Charge

pour some baking soda and salt onto a piece of toilet paper. Mix it together. Fold it together. Tie it together. Poke it a couple of times. Make sure it fits down the mouth of the bottle, but do not drop it in yet.

Step 4: Preparing the Cork

Take the cork and see if it fits snugly into the bottle. If it is too big, trim it with the knife until it fits. If it is too small, you may need to get a smaller bottle.

Step 5: Count Down

Go out side. As quickly as you can, drop the charge into the bottle and push the cork as tightly into the bottle as you can. If it is not tight, air will seep out of the sides.


Have fun!