Introduction: Corkscrew Out of Wood

Corkscrew Cut!

This is a very simple way to add a unique design to your builds. I've used it in my coat rack as you can see in the picture! My father taught me this a while ago and he doesn't remember where he found it. I am in no way a pro wood worker, but I do like to build things!

Step 1: Materials


- Squared piece of wood
Largest that I've worked and has come out successful is a 4" X 4" 
-Wood Glue
-Masking tape

-Band Saw (easiest in my opinion)
-Clamps (to hold your piece together while it dries)

Step 2: Tape and Make the First Cut

The next thing you need to do is wrap the masking tape around the ends of the wood. Then when you are making the cut with your band saw it will stay together.

As you make your first cut down the length of your piece begin to curve the cut. You can make as many curves as you feel comfortable making. It does get to be a little tight though if you're trying to fit more than two bends within a foot. 

Step 3: Make the Second Cut

After you have made the first cut you'll have the two pieces to your awesome corkscrew. This next step you need to keep those two pieces together and tape it one more time in the same spot.

Now you cut it one more time, fitting in the curves that you want. There really is no science to the curves. It will look awesome without any measurements. Just cut it the way you want it to look. 

Step 4: Stick the Pieces Together

Once you have finished making the last cut pull off all of the masking tape. You'll now have 4 pieces that each need to be turned around 180 degrees and they will fight together perfectly (depending on how square your piece was).

Then add the glue and clamp them down.

Step 5:

Once the glue has dried you can sand and finish. Add it to whatever project you want or just put it out where people can see it! You'll get a lot of comments on it :)

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