Corkscrew DIY

Introduction: Corkscrew DIY

I suddenly needed a Corkscrew and I realised I didn't have one.

I took a 10mm thick Threaded rod (9cm long), and a big wood screw (8cm long), weld both, removed the sharp point with a Dremel (cut off disc).

and here is the result !

(PS: as a temporary solution, I succeed to use the screw through the ring of a 10mm combination wrench, scewed it into the cork, and opened the bottle by grab the wrench...)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea.  Its amazing what you can do with some odds and ends, however for some it may lack the finish of other corkscrews.

    Actually we've just realised a range of diy corkscrews for people who like to make stuff and either don't have the skills to do it all, or wan't the product to look good in less time.

    Got a few other DIY product ideas like this coming out.

    Thanks for your article.

    p.s. vine is also a great material for making corkscrew handles from.