Introduction: Corn Chaat

-sweet corn chat is very simple and easy recipe when your craving for some chat.

- corn sauted in butter,mixed with all spices gives nice flavour and taste.


- one cup boiled sweet corn kernels

-2 to 3 tbsp chopped tomatoes

-3 tbsp chopped onions

-Grated carrot

-Half teaspoon red chilli powder

-Half tea spoon coriander powder

-Half tea spoon chat masala

-salt for taste

-Lime juice

- one tea spoon butter

Step 1: Sauteing

- Boil sweet corn kernels and keep ready.Add a teaspoon of butter in vessel. when it melts add boiled corn kernels and saute for few minutes.

Step 2: Add Chopped Onions,tomatoes

-switch off the stove and add few chopped onions,tomatoes and grated carrot to sauted corn.

Step 3: Add Spices

-Add spices red chilli powder,chat masala as per taste

Step 4: Add Remaining Spices

-Add coriander powder and salt as per taste.Mix everything.

Step 5: Add Lime Juice

-Finally add little lime juice and enjoy.

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