Corn Hole

Introduction: Corn Hole

In my effort to bring family fun outdoors with some portable games I made this corn hole board. The riser folds down and the hole acts as a carry handle to make it portable. I used MDF for the board to keep it smooth but plywood works just as well.

The board is 3 foot by 2 foot The riser is 9 inches by 16 inches and placed before the hole for stability and gives it an 11 inch rise.

The riser is secured with cabinet hinges and chain with eye screws to keep the riser in place when down. Rubber feet on the riser and bottom of board keep the edges from getting damaged and keep the board in place when in use. I am still working on the corn bags.

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    4 years ago

    This is a great version on the classic- it takes up a whole lot of less space. Great design