Introduction: Corner Desk

My design for a corner desk

Step 1:

Here I rested the top I cut out of an 8 foot piece of Oak veneer plywood. I wanted to judge how big to cut the center chair area. First attempt I cut it smaller, sat in front and determined that a bigger circle was needed.

Step 2: Setting Up the Top

Here is the final result of the top cut out

Step 3:

Next I wanted to have the uprights look somewhat cool. At least in my opinion. This was my fourth attempt at the design. I used 3/8 inch particle board for this step

Step 4:

Missed a few pictures but this is the result of cutting all of the pieces to put together for the base of the desk

Step 5:

Here is what the final pieces look like when they were glued together. these are upside down. I am using an extra sheet of plywood to work on. It gave me enough of an area to see where to place the pieces. The plywood I used was not finished on one side. I was going to paint it so it didn't matter to me. Had it been veneer on both sides I might have left it all wood.

Step 6:

This is what it looked like with the top on the two sides

Step 7:

In this picture I flipped the top upside down again and put the two base pieces in their spots. I then put down a thin piece of plywood to draw the curve I wanted for the toe kick panel area. I also used another thin piecer of plywood and bent it to the desired curvature. Traced out the line and cut the thin plywood. Taking that cut piece I then traced it onto a 1/2 inch particle board. this gave me the base for my toe kick panel. I figured I had to support the top piece so I cut out some scrap pieces, glued them into place. The top piece will be the same 3/4 inch Oak veneer plywood.

Step 8:

Here is what the steps for the toe kick looks like

Step 9:

Now onto the top again. I decided to round the curved edge that I cut. I used a router to get the basic edge, then used a file, then sandpaper to finish it up. This took some time but I feel it was worth it.

Step 10:

The first picture is all 4 pieces just sitting there. I chose to make the desk in sections so I could get it into a room without killing myself. Second picture is the pieces put together. Final picture is it stained and painted. I ended up painting the bottom shelves black as well.

Step 11:

I had to put LED lighting under the front.

Step 12:

Final installed desk

Step 13:

Here is my desk that I made. I think it is pretty cool. I have enjoyed working on it. I like a lot of light when I do some close up electronic repair work.

Final thoughts:

I wish I had designed the desk with a few drawers. I am planning on making two drawers. One on each side.

I plan on adding some thin plywood with holes cut in it to make a pattern to cover the base a little more. I think it would add a little finishing touch.

Thank you for looking.

Step 14:

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