Introduction: Corner Sweeper Robot (in English and Chinese)

It's a machine which help you to sweep the corner where your sweeping robot can't sweep.


You can use it for sweeping dirty corner where there's some dust as shown above.


This is done by a 12-year-old junior high school student in Taiwan which is an island country near by China.



  1. Arduino Leonardo R3 motherboard_____(Arduino Leonardo R3 主機板)_____*1
  2. Breadboard_____(麵包板)_____*1
  3. DuPont pin male and female_____(杜邦針腳公母線)*50
  4. DuPont Male Alligator Clip_____(杜邦公頭鱷魚夾)*2
  5. Horn with lines_____(代線喇叭)*2
  6. Ultrasonic rangefinder_____(超音波測距儀)*1
  7. Servo motor_____(伺服馬達)*1
  8. USB DuPont power cord_____(USB杜邦電源線)*2
  9. L298N Motor control module_____(馬達控制模塊)*2
  10. Reduction motor_____(減速馬達)*2
  11. Wood bottom plate(length : 18 cm, Width : 12 cm, Height : 0.3 cm)_____(木頭底板)*1
  12. Gigo Toys_____(智高積木)

Step 1: Build the Machine Structure__(組裝機器結構)

Use the Gigo Toys to build the machine structure as shown above.


Step 2: Assembly Line__(組裝線路)

Servo motor's pins are at "+" and "-" . __(If "+" connects "IN 1", "OUT 1" needs to connect servo motor's "+" .)

伺服馬達引腳位於 "+'' 和 "-''. __(如果 "+" 連接 "IN 1","OUT 1" 需要連接伺服電機的 "+" .)

Two reduction motors' pins are at "D4" and "-", and "D5" and "-".

兩個減速馬達的接腳分別位於 "D4" 和 "-" 以及 "D5" 和 "-" 。

Ultrasonic rangefinder's pins are at "+" (Vcc), "-" (Gnd), "D6" (Trig), and "D7" (Echo).

超音波測距儀的接腳位於 "+" (Vcc), "-" (Gnd), "D6" (Trig), 和 "D7" (Echo)。

Step 3: Glue the Machine on the Structure__(將機器黏在結構上)

You can use hot melt glue (glue gun) to glue a gear and axis together, and the machine and the structure together.


Next, install the chain.


Step 4: Put the Bottom Plate on Top__(將底板放在頂部)

Build the roof, and put the bottom plate.


Step 5: Code__(程式碼)

Step 6: We're Done__(完成了)