Introduction: Cornmeal Fried Bluegill

For this Instructable, I will be teaching you a simple and easy recipe on how to fry any kind of pan-fish with an easy cornmeal breading.

Step 1: What You'll Need


2 lb fresh bluegill fillets
1/8 tsp curry powder
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp homemade lemon pepper
2 or 3 shakes homemade hot sauce
3-4 cups Aunt Jemima self-rising white corn meal
1/2 tsp homemade seasoned salt
1/2 cold water
canola oil, for frying

Step 2: Directions

Step 1:

Rinse Fillets

Step 2:

In large bowl, mix all ingredients except corn meal.

Step 3:

Mix well with hands.

Step 4:

Cover with plastic wrap or plate to stop dry out.

Step 3: Directions (Contd.)

Step 5:

Refrigerate overnight, mixing every few hours.

Step 6:

Place oil in a heavy frying pan and heat to 375 degrees; be sure not to overheat oil.

Step 7:

Put corn meal in plastic bag. Shake 2 or 3 fillets at once. Place on plate.

Step 8:

When all fillets are breaded, slowly place in hot oil.

Step 9:

Fry for 3 minutes on each side or until fillet flakes and is deep golden brown in color.

Step 4: ENJOY!