Introduction: 'Corona Christmas Ornament'

I always like to create a special ornament every Christmas and for 2020 I have chosen this silver bead and sequin sphere that I'm christening 'Corona Christmas Ornament'. I doubt there will be any need for further explanation regarding the further ado....let's get started with this instructable!


2-1/4" Polystyrene Spheres

Size 12/0 Silver Lined Glass Seed Beads

Size 6 x 1.8 mm Silver Lined Glass Bugle Beads

Size 6/0 Silver Lined Glass Beads

Size 8 mm Silver Sequins

26 mm Stainless Steel Straight Pins


Thin Silver Cord

* Optional 'Pearl Head' Straight Pin

Step 1:

If you work over a large tray, then you can keep your supplies on the tray and you'll be able to easily move everything all at once, when you need to take a break. The tray will also catch the tiny beads and sequins, just in case they are dropped or spilled. I always save the little containers the straight pins come in and they work very well for storing the beads and sequins in, while you're working on the ornament. Flat lids are also useful to hold supplies in while you're working on your project.

Step 2:

Now the fun begins. Get ready to transform your white ugly duckling polystyrene sphere on the left into the magnificent sparkling silver 'Corona Christmas Ornament' you see on the right.

Step 3:

Assemble the pins in this order. Start with a tiny seed bead, bugle bead, larger bead, then the sequin goes onto the straight pin last.

Step 4:

Now it's time to start inserting the pins into the sphere. Be sure to overlap them slightly, so that in the end the white ball is completely covered.

Step 5:

The polystyrene sphere I used was actually a vintage satin ball that I had removed the satin from, so it already had a plastic hanging loop, but you can just carefully glue a thin silver cord up under one of the sequins, and be sure to go around the pin, then allow it to dry very well and then hang the ornament on the tree. Another option is to use a long 'pearl head' straight pin and wrap the silver cord around the pin and glue it. To store your ornaments, wrap them individually in tissue paper, so they are well protected.

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