Introduction: Corona Reminder

Signs are being put up everywhere, to an extent where there is a danger of desensitising us them. So how about making a light-up epoxy model of virus as a reminder instead ? This could draw attention to gloves, alcohol disinfectant, queue distance, etc.

Step 1: Mixing the Epoxy

Mix part A and B of the epoxy according to the manufacturers instructions in a container, and stir it thoroughly. After a while transfer to a new container, to ensure there is no unmixed resin along the edges and bottom. Use a transparent container when adding color or pigments.

For the Envelope core I used Alumilite blue and a pinch of PearlEx white.

For the hemisphere I used Alumilite green.

Step 2: Casting the Virus Envelope

Cut a hole in a ping pong ball, and fill it halfway with resin. If you add pigment like Pearl Ex here, stir it just before it sets, to add some structure in the pigment.

Step 3: Adding Lights to the Envelope

With a Dremel or similar cut a cavity for some battery operated LED lights. Or any other light source of your preference.

Step 4: Create the Virus Spikes

Make the Spikes out of some 3mm transparent 3D printer filament. Start by cutting some small pieces and straighten them out if necessary. Heat the end of the filament with a lighter or hot air gun, and press it against the back of a dinner plate to flatten the end. Heat it again, and push it against the tip of fork, to create a dimple.

Step 5: Mount Fiber Optic Spikes

Drill holes in the dome, the same diameter as the filament. Make sure to drill all the way the through, so that the filament acts a fiber optic light conductor. Fasten it with cyanoacrylate on the inside.

Step 6: Casting the Hemisphere

Insert the led light chain, and glue on some matches or chopsticks so that the virus can be held down in the resin. Fill it with clear or coloured resin. I coloured with a bit of Alumilite green.

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