Introduction: Coronavirus Glove

Coronavirus Glove, made for the times, used in comfort. We all know in these difficult times the fear that goes into getting out of the house, especially when you have to go somewhere with contact involved, whether it is the grocery store or the dentist. With that in mind, we always remember the importance of washing your hands, due to the contact they receive over a full trip. With the Coronavirus Glove, a glove that is equally comfortable as it is safe, you will not have this additional source of anxiety in your life, it will be safe to use your hands to push the grocery cart! This is made from a traditional glove, where protection from Coronavirus is then applied. You can learn the surface of the glove (made from food wrap and tape), for additional or recurring trips. Show coronavirus you can tame it!

Step 1: Gather Suitable Materials

The supplies involved are of course:
-Glove(s), may be of any single kind. -Food Wrap, significant quantity, must fulfill its purpose and wrap around the glove -Tape, will hold together the finished product, must be tape with longevity involved. -Scissors, will aid in the building of the final product.

Gather all the materials, utilize food wrap in a justifiable amount (you can keep adding to it so that it envelops the glove). Have everything in place, and get ready to rumble!

Step 2: Use Food Wrap Around the Glove

Once you have found the proper amount of wrap suitable for the glove, wrap it around. Do so while you are wearing the glove, so that proper filling is calculated and ready to be worn. Be mindful of the fingers, push wrapping around fingers to stabilize movement, calculate appropriate tightening of the wrap to maximize both comfort and protection. Use scissors to cut any excess.

Step 3: Apply Tape

Once the wrapping is done, or even in the middle of finishing the previous steps in special circumstances, commence the appliance of tape to the glove. This will connect the wrapping to the glove in a stable manner. Utilize a personally calculated amount of tape, an amount that is enough for protection but also enough for proper movement. Apply tape to areas where wrapping is not going to be permanently safeguarded. It also looks better when more tape is used, you could be mindful of fashion considerations if you choose.

Step 4: Rejoice!

Once all previous steps are fulfilled, you will now be wearing the final version of the Coronavirus Glove, ready for real-world usage and testing. You can take it off at any point, though be wary of excessive force, which may dismantle the final product. Could be re-used and re-worn at any time. Would advise removing the glove before entering home, as the glove is made to be contaminated, not your hand or house!! Hopefully, the glove is both comfortable and sets your worries at ease. Coronavirus Glove, made for the times, used in comfort.