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About: Hello my name is chris. Born in mexico father of 2.. love to creating things on a low low buget .nice to meet you
Take your basic skeleton to the next level

Step 1: Skeleton

Purchase any skeleton from your local store

Step 2: Teeth

Go to your local dollar store purchase fake nails make them into teeth you can hot glue or tape what ever is cheaper

Step 3: Shrink Wrap

Get some shrink wrap or plastic and wrap your skeleton get creative I took one of the hands off . To make it look chop off. Then after your done with the shrink wrap. With a heat gun make all tight ..

Step 4: Great Stuff

Purchase so great stuff at your hardware store to make your guts come to life go crazy lol have fun.

Step 5: Paint Job and Hair

Go crazy. Paint your own I play with a bit some wood stains .. and acrylic paint or mohawk spray can. For hair I cut off from a old wig and with spray glue attached it on . No worries on how your hair looks its supposed to look scary.

Step 6: Done

Show of your work be proud hope you guys like it. And had lots of fun hit me up if any help need it
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