Introduction: Correcting a Leaning Apple Tree

There are many situations that can cause a tree to lean. Wind storms, too much snow or an ice storm, and of course accidentally backing into it while mowing.

Whatever the cause, the result is the same, and it is not good for producing a good fruit. This condition can also affect the trees ability to properly grow.

Here is an easy way to fix it up.

You will need:

Two metal posts 5 to 6 ft long.

Some wide tie straps for both support and pulling up the tree

a vehicle to pull upon the tree (John Deere 2210 works very well!)



Step 1: Prep the Supports

Pound the stakes in with a sledge opposite of the leaning direction.

Position them about 3 feet away from the tree and pound them into the ground by at least 1 ft for support.

Step 2: Set Up the Pulling Straps

Wrap tie straps around the tree in areas of strength on the trunk so that the tree can be pulled without snapping the trunk.

Then connect them to the end of something that has the strength to correct the tree lean.

We attach the straps to our front loader on the 2210.

Step 3: Correct the Lean

Slowly pull back on the tree correcting the lean with your pulling machine.

Once the tree is correctly positioned place the vehicle in park to hold it there.

Having someone acting as a spotter will help with determining the tree is in the correct position.

Thanks John!

Step 4: Tie the Tree to the Support Posts

Using some flat cable/tie straps/strong flat rope tie the tree off to the support posts.

Make sure you have these in high tension as the tree will naturally want to move back to its original lean at first.

Step 5: Remove Pulling Straps

Slowly back off the vehicle to take the tension off of the pulling cables, and ensure the new tie downs are holding the tree to the posts.

If the tree starts to lean re-pull, and tighten the pull straps.

When complete, remove the pulling straps.

Step 6: Complete the Fix

Add some soil to the hole left by the area the tree was leaning. Pack it down with your foot to secure the soil.

Keep an eye the straps and posts to ensure they don't move over time. Repeat if the tree starts to lean again.

If the post become lose repeat the pulling process, and position the posts in a new area up from the lean.