Corsair M65 RGB|Repair|Disassemble|Middle Mouse Button #fix

Introduction: Corsair M65 RGB|Repair|Disassemble|Middle Mouse Button #fix

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My friend contacted me as the mouse was having issue so i dug in and found the issue that is pretty common in all the computer gaming mice wheter they are gaming ones or normal. I am a bit disappointed by corsair as this mouse is pretty expensive yet we have this issue just like any other cheap mouse. Also right click was having a lil skipping problem that was fixed too. And as it was opened i cleaned all the buttons just to avoid another near surgery :P

  • I loved its shape, appearance and smoothness. Build quality except the buttons was solid too. The bottom two screws are trox type.

Why this happens to computer a mouse ?

They have pure copper buttons ( i think so ) thats y they get oxidized real quick and that oxidation layer being less to no conductive arises such issues. Inside these buttons are very thin flexible copper plates and tiny discs kinda things thats what m talking about. Those tiny discs like structure like shown in the pic, get black and non conductive over time. Or may be its not the material but the tiny amount of current that passes on every click that causes those discs to become non conductive n black over time.

Tools required

1> Torx screwdriver set

2> Phillips screwdriver set

3> A very thin flat head screw driver

4> WD-40 or body spray or petrol ( For cleaning the oxidation )

Step 1: How to Open Corsair M65 RGB ?

  • Unscrew the bottom 2 torx screws
  • Pull back the upper part of chassis, it will lift a lil bit automatically. But lower part of the mouse will be still stuck. (Pic 1 for reference of upper and lower part)
  • Use the thin flat head screw driver and put it between the metal and plastic part at the lower side of the mouse. And then push the screw driver's back downwards while the head still inserted in the gape mentioned. (Pic * for reference)
  • Dont pull the two parts right away as they are 4 cables that have to be dismounted first
  • For the ribbon cables (Pic 2) the connector head has a black plastic part that has to be lifted and then the cable can be pulled away
  • For the other connectors (Pic 3) wiggle and pull the connector to remove.
  • This is an optional step for ease of access. You can unscrew the top 2 screws to remove the upper PCB of the mouse.
  • Spray some WD-40 or body spray or petrol ( For cleaning the oxidation ) on the mouse buttons and click them at least 10-20 times. After that assemble back the mouse and your mouse will work flawless.

Keep in mind that surface will get oxidized again with use and you will have to open it again depending on the usage. Its how these mice are made.

You can fix any mouse that skip clicks with this method.

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