Cosplay Karambit Knife

Introduction: Cosplay Karambit Knife

Originally from Indonesia, the karambit is a handheld knife whose design is said to be insired by the cat’s claw. The karambit features in the popular computer game Counter Strike. I made this cosplay karambit knife for #1Son. The blade is made from black acrylic sheet and the handles from 6mm plywood. The parts are cut out on a CNC laser cutter.
Template files are available to download at the top of the page.
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Step 1:

Viewed through the tinted window of the HPC3050 laser cutter, the handles of the karambit are ready to pop out of the 6m plywood sheet.

Step 2:

The blade is cut from 3mm thick black acrylic. I purchased the cross dowel nuts & bolts from Screw Fix in the UK. They are both M6 x 12 size. Parts numbers in the Screwfix catalogue (UK) Bolts 88785. Nuts 83501.

Step 3:

As the knife is for cosplay not for actually killing people, I have not sharpened the blade, that said, I did put a small chamfer on it with a half round file, purely for looks.

Step 4:

A couple of coats of woodstain seals the handle pieces. Paper clips and a roll of kitchen paper make an excellent stand for hanging the handles out to dry. Give them a few hours to dry completely.

Step 5:

Join the two handles to the blade tightening the bolds with an allen key. (4mm)

Step 6:

And there it is. A thing of chilling beauty.

#1 Son tells me that you hold it like in the second picture.

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7 years ago

I was making one of this right now, Im using playing cards, glued together, then shaping into a karambit, I did this to practice spinning it or to practice how to use it because I was planning to buy a real one. I'll gonna post the pictures maybe tomorrow because it is still wet of glue. Thanks for the template anyway. XD


7 years ago

Please please please can I have your facebook ? I wanna talk to you about this :)


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Nice work! The sheath is a good idea as well!


awesome!! but would be better to wrap it in paracord or make the handle differently?