Cosplay Zootopia With Electronic Module



Introduction: Cosplay Zootopia With Electronic Module

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Zootopia is a wonderful adorable movie which drive me a lovely rabbit and a smart fox. I like both of them. So as a Coser I want to get a pair of smart ears of the animal in the movie.

Open source hardware applied to cosplay is a good way to do that. In this project I will show you how to control the ears to show the different emotion of the two roles.

Step 1: List


Electronic modules:

Grove -Servo: *3

Grove -Joint: *2

Grove -Button:*2



Two ears of plush toys

Step 2: Design Drawing and Laster Cutting

One rotatable ear need two parts of it. Cut some wooden board to fit the ear, then refitted the ear.

Step 3: Refitted the Rabbit's Ears and Connect the Electronic Modules

Put one part of the wooden board in the top of the ear, then suture it.

Paste the servo on the bottom of the wooden board, put and suture it in the ear.

Extend the arm of the servo.

Step 4: Put the Electronic Modules in the Fox's Ears

Prepare a pair of ears.

Fix two servo on the pairs of fox's ears.

One Y-track connect two servo.

Connect the button and joint.

Step 5:

Grove - Joint is an Arduino compatible board.
1. Download and decompress the zip, you will get a file named Zootopia.

2. Download the file to the joint.

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