Introduction: Cosy Cottage

If you've started a new world and you want to start off with a simple house, then this is just the thing for you!

Step 1:

Make a 7 by 7 hole that is 2 blocks deep.

Step 2:

Fill in the walls and floor but build one of the walls out of bookshelves.

Step 3:

Build a 5 high pillar in each corner.Then fill the floor in (you should be able to stand in the bit underneath).

Step 4:

Build a layer of planks then put glass pane on top of that then 2 more layers of planks on that.Remember to leave a space for the door.Also the glass panes can't be touching the gap for the door.

Step 5:

Put a row of 3 oak stairs underneath the door.Put 2 fence going up on the outer stairs.Then place another row of 3 oak stairs on top facing downwards.Don't forget to put the door in.

Step 6:

Place and oak block on each side of the top.The place more going up and diagonally until the meet.Then fill the inside with oak planks.

Step 7:

Put in all the stairs and slabs on top of all the oak.

Step 8:

Put a trapdoor in the corner and 2 ladders leading down to the basement.

Step 9:

Then decorate the house in any way you like.

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