Introduction: Cosy Lined Slippers

I saw this instructable : Cosy slippers from your old woolly jumper by ThePrintPlace and decided to make a lined version of it.
I've tried to explain how I did this, but it's important to first follow the instructions of the other instructable to get your pattern.

Step 1: Step 1

(as shown on the jeans slipper I used the hem of the jeans. If you use some other fabric it is recommended you think about how to finish this piece before you put it together. Because the inner slipper is fleece it doesn't need finishing so I sewed it together like this)
If necessary zigzag the fabric.
Pin the inner and outer fabric as shown and sew it together.
As shown in the second picture I've added a extra wool filling in the sole and attached it while sewing the inner piece together.

Step 2: Step 2

Pin the heel pieces with the right sides on each other and sew.

Step 3: Step 3

Turn to the right sides and sew the tips of the toes but only 2 stitches.

Step 4: Step 4

Now turn the toe piece of the outer side over the inner side and sew them together.
(this is why you needed step 3 so the inner piece stays in place)
I've used fleece on the inner and the hem piece of jeans for the outer so no problems with creating a new hem.
After you've put the toe pieces together I hand-sewed the heel piece inside the toe piece.
(like in the instrucable of the pattern)

Step 5: Finished Product for the Men

Step 6: Finished Product for Women

And because I'm a bit extraordinary I finished mine with some pieces of pink fabric.
I used a sleeve of a wool sweater for the hem piece of the toe part of the inner pattern.
That's why I had to do it a bit different with step 1 2 and 4.
At step 1 I left the overlap on the heel piece loose. I also left 1 cm of the toe piece loose (to flip back over the jeans toe piece)
At step 2 I did sew the heel pieces together but I stitched the overlap to so I had to turn that.
At step 4 I flipped the 1 cm extra of the wool piece that I left loose over the jeans toe piece and stitched it together.
Ánd after that just hand stitched the heel piece inside the toe piece while I also attached the pink ribbon.