Introduction: Cotton Bawls Cocktail

 What's better than a good drink for a friday night party?  A good drink that gives you a burst of energy while you're getting drunk.  What's better than that?  An energy cocktail that doesn't taste like cough syrup (AKA Red Bull).  This drink combines the great taste of Thinkgeek's famous Energy Soda with alcohol and cotton candy to creat an absolutely scrumptious cocktail. 

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

 For this recipe you need the following:

One Martini Glass

I initially made this drink as a double in a regular glass, but a martini glass looks prettier and you can drink it more quickly without the drink getting warm, which is preferrable.  

One bottle of Bawls Energy Soda

You can buy the can if you'd like, and its good for making this drink in large quantities, otherwise the bottle is preferable because it is resealable if you do it right.  Bawls can be purchased at or it is available at Super Targets and various gas stations like Speedway, some 7-11's, and Sheetz, to name a few.  I would not reccomend making this drink with anything but the original or sugar free flavors.  The Bawls needs to be cold since there is no ice in this drink.

One Shot of Vodka

Vodka can be added to taste.  If you like a stronger drink two shots still tastes good, but more than that and the delicate flavor of the drink is lost.  I would recommend a smoother vodka for this.  I've made it with top-shelf, mid, and bottom, and at the bottom it was rough.  Again, since this drink is not served on the rocks I would recommend chilling the vodka, maybe even freezing it.

One 'Fistfull' of Cotton Candy

Again, you can alter this to taste.  When I made a double for a friend in a 20 oz. cup I filled the entire cup with cotton candy, and I was told that it was great.  The flavor is also optional, but I think it tastes best with plain cotton candy instead of fruit flavors.  

Step 2: Cotton Candy

 Place the cotton candy directly into the glass that you are using.  Do not tamp it down or it will not dissolve fully.  

Step 3: Combine Your Liquids

 In a shaker combine one shot of vodka and eight ounces of Bawls, or for a stronger drink two shots of vodka and six ounces of Bawls.  Shake gently because of the carbonation.    

Step 4: The Grand Finale

 Lastly pour the drink directly on top of the cotton candy and watch it dissolve into a delicious drink.  The color will vary based on your choice in cotton candy, anywhere from clear to pink, blue, or purple.  The fizz of the soda is very diluted at this point, but the taste is great.  Get ready for a long night of partying with this energizing cocktail!

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