Couch Caddy

Introduction: Couch Caddy

After a long hard day you sit down to enjoy a quiet evening of television and the remote is no where to be found. This happens regularly in my household, which was the inspiration behind this couch caddy. I have incorporated a wireless remote finder into this design, so with the push of a button your remote will begin to beep and found. With the simplicity of the couch caddy design you will be able to get creative and add pockets that suit your needs.

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Step 1: Gathing Supplies

This is a simple sewing pattern, suitable for sewers of all levels. To begin this project you will to gather your supplies.

Supply List:

Fabric ( 30" X 48" ) ( 76cm X 122cm)
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine
Sewing Pins (not shown in picture)
Measuring Tape
Velcro Strip (optional)
Wireless Remote Finder (The set I choose has four finders and one base. These are readily available online and come in different varieties, choose the one that works best for you.)

Step 2: The Main Piece

The first step is to cut the main piece of fabric. I cut mine 16" X 48" (40.5cm X 122cm), you may want to adjust this if you would like your couch caddy wider or narrower. The hem on the bottom of the couch caddy will be adjusted to the right length later.

Fold the side seam (the long edge of material) over once .5" (1.5cm) and press with iron. Then fold over and press again.

Sew along top edge of folds. When finished sewing press seams flat. This will give a finished edge.

Repeat this step with other side seam.

Next fold one end seam (the shorter edge of material) over .5" (1.5cm) and press. Then fold same seam over 1" (2.5cm) and press. Then sew top edge of fold and press again.

Step 3: Bottom Hem

This step is where you will hem your couch caddy to be the right length for your couch.

Hang main piece of couch caddy over the arm of your couch. Place the top (the end with the finish edge) at the base of your couch seat, this will be hidden by the cushion of your couch. While couch caddy is hanging there pin up bottom edge to the length you desire.

Remove couch caddy from couch and press hem seam. Sew along both edges of fold and press.

Set this piece aside for later.

Step 4: Making Pockets

This is the step in which you can get creative and make pockets to suit your needs.

The measurements for my pockets are:
13.5" X 9.25" (34.5cm X 23.5cm)
8" X 4" (20.5cm X 10cm)
4" X 4" (10cm X10cm) This is the pocket that will hold the base of my remote finder.

To make pockets cut to desired size. Then fold side seams over .5" (1.5cm) and press. Sew along top edge of folds. Press seams. Fold top and bottom seams over .5" (1.5cm), press and sew. Press finished pocket

Repeat this step with all pockets.

Step 5: Pocket Placement

Once your pockets are finished lay main piece flat and decide where you would like your pockets. Starting at bottom edge and working your way up.

Once you have decided on positioning pin your pockets into place.

Sew along three edges of your pockets, leaving top open.

Trim strings from couch caddy.

Press entire couch Caddy

Step 6: Optional Velcro Closures

You may want to add a piece of velcro to the top of your couch caddy to help hold it in place on your couch. Simply place one piece on caddy and the other on your couch.

You may also want to add velcro closures to some of your pockets.

Step 7: Using Your Couch Caddy

You have finished your couch caddy and it is ready to use!

Hang it on your couch and fill your pockets. Be sure to put your base for your finder in one and attach finders to your remote, keys, pets, whatever you would like to find easily.

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