Introduction: Couch Cushion Reform and Cat Sitting Deterrent

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Between the cats Beatez (snot rockets) and the kids sitting on the back cushions of the couch, can get badly deformed and uncomfortable. After a epic diaper blow out; washing the cushions was required. I found that the cushions were filled with PET pillow fluff, no wonder they never held the shape I give them. When removing the fluff into trash bags to refill the cushions after cleaning an idea (enter the danger zone). Why not use some of the EVA foam mats leftover from building my costume to create a internal structure for the cushions?


You may need but don't limit yourself to. (I used)

  • Miss shaped cushions.
  • Sturdy foam (EVA floor mats)
  • Sharp knife (snap knife)
  • Marking device (Sharpie)
  • Contact cement

Step 1: Unstuffing and Foam Sizing

Unstuffing (sorry no pictures)

  1. Unzip (if you're cushions don't remove from the couch your out of luck.)
  2. Pull all the stuffing out and put in one trash bag per cushion. (This helps keep the amount of fluff going back in consistent)

Foam Sizing

  1. Lay the empty cushion flat and arrange the foam mat so edges line up if possible.
  2. Using the marker; mark the remaining edges of the cushion. If the cushion is longer then the mat you will need to glue the mat up later.
  3. Cut away unnecessary foam from the mat based on your marks.
  4. OPTIONAL; if you're foam can interlock and the cushion is larger than the foam make later gluing easier by adding the cutoff where needed and repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 2: Gluing Foam (if Needed)

Contact Cement is tricky stuff.

  • If you let it dry completely it will permanently stick on contact with no hope of realigning if you miss.
  • So only apply the cement to the tops and bottoms of the stitching pattern and stick the parts together while still wet. no worries it will make itself permanent over time.
  • Double check fitment and make any adjustments as needed.

Step 3: Restuff Your Cushions.

  1. Using the fluff you removed and stuff it all in on either side of the foam mat so its balanced good.
  2. After the cushion is well stuffed, zip it up and stomp and otherwise work the fluff around till your satisfied.

Yay your done now do the rest.

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