Introduction: Couch Legs - Adding or Changing

So you want to spruce up your couch. Try adding legs! Here is a list of the stuff you'll need:

New Legs (Ebay or specialty hardware stores)

Cordless Drill

Flathead Screwdriver to get out staples with

Staple gun (stapler will work but it not the best)

Scrap plywood (only if the new legs will not fit)

2 or 3 inch long screws (3 or 4 for each leg)

T Screws (as many as feet you are adding)

I liked having some clamps to hold while I drilled (but these are optional)

Step 1:

Pick out the new legs (I just did a couch and a loveseat, so I had to get 8 of them). I went to Ebay and bought them (cost $50) but you find what fits your budget and height needs. I wanted to add 5 inches to the height of both of my pieces.

Step 2: Take Off the Old Legs

You may get lucky and stop at this step. Unscrew the old legs and screw in the new ones! Most legs have the same size screws. Your done! BUT... you may not be so lucky, the new legs may not fit. Or you want more height. So, that's why you read this. You need to add more material to screw into. Use a scrap piece of plywood. I found that the 1 inch plywood I used would not hold all the screw length (3rd picture). So I made sure to align up the new screw holes with the old ones to add more clearance.

You are going to want to take out the staples of the fabric cover about 6 to 10 inches from each corner to see what you have to work with as far as structures and frame. (Warning! Looking behind this material may keep you from ever paying over a few hundred dollars for any furniture again, once you see how these are made. Just some cheap scrap wood covered in foam and covered in fabric. Sorry retail furniture store!) Figure out what shape will fit and be securely sound even with a lot of pressure (in my case I have two kids that like to bounce on furniture).

Cut the scrap of plywood to fit the space, but remember that the front and the back may not be the same. Mine were totally different. I used a long skinny strip in the front and a large square in the back to reach over and hit both the front and a middle bracket (last picture).

Step 3:

Draw the spot you want to have the leg screw into at. (I had to make sure to get the same point as the old holes to give the extra space for the long screws on my legs). Next, you are going to want to mount a T screw into the back of the scrap piece (3rd picture). These are at any hardware store for $1 or so (each). I use my drill holder to measure the sixe hole for the T Screw, since it is not the same as the leg screw. Then you will need to hammer in the T screw to the back of the board! If you put in on the front the leg will simply pull the T screw out.

Next you need to screw in the plywood to the frame of the couch. Make sure to use large heavy duty screws and put them in very secure places. I used a clamp to hold the piece while I screwed it in to make sure it stayed aligned up.

Step 4:

Next check that the new leg will fit. If so unscrew it and reattach the fabric cover (that keeps cats and other critters out from the insides of you furniture). Mine is black, and I thought I could use my handy dandy Red Swingline Stapler to put it back but that was just not strong enough to hold. So I broke out the Craftsman heavy duty stapler.

Step 5: Legs

Now it's time for legs! Just a word of caution, I would flip over your couch without the legs on! Then I would sit with it resting on your legs and screw in the new legs and gently sit the couch back down. Longer legs were not made to be bend sideways, you may brake off the new guys before you get to enjoy them. Hope this was helpful!