Count Chocula Cereal Costume - 2011

Introduction: Count Chocula Cereal Costume - 2011

Count Chocula Cereal Costume
2011 Instructables Halloween Costume Contest Entry

I made this costume back in 2009 & wore it out in Chicago Halloween weekend. It was pretty simple to put together & way better than any of the store bought versions I've seen. Plus I already had some of the elements from my "Teen Wolf" costume & other theme parties, so it didn't cost much to put together. I always prefer home-made costumes compared to store bought costumes.

"I'd like to be cowboys from Arizona or pimps from Oakland but it's not Halloween. Grow up; Peter Pan, Count Chocula."
- Qoute from the movie "Wedding Crashers".

Items needed for Count Chocula:
1 Box of Count Chocula Cereal
1 Brown Were Wolf Wig (with Widows Peak)
1 Brown Leisure Suit & White Tuxedo Shirt
1 Black\Brown Cape
1 Witches Nose & Chin
1 Set of Pointed Ears (Werewolf or Elf Ears)
1 Pack of Old Age Make Up
1 Pack of Spirit Gum

Created by DC Design Suite | Chicago, IL

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