Introduction: Count Peskula the Pikachu. Aka Count Pikachu.

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Hello I would like to teach you how to make a Count Peskula out of a Pikachu Plush. You will need...  1 sheet of card stock, 1 roll of Scotch or Duct tape, One small pikachu plush,  2 Lego or Playmobile Weapons, and 1 pair of scissors.  My Pikachu plush is named Pesky.  NOTE you can use a glue gun. BUT it may be impossible to take the wings and weapons off the plush if you use the glue gun.

Step 1: Cut the Wings Out of the Cardstock

Sorry I don't have pictures. Cut the wings to whatever size and shape you want.

Step 2: Tape the Wings

Simply look at the picture and tape the wings you made. You can glue the wings on if you want.

Step 3: Tape the Weapons to the Plush.

Tape two weapons to the plush. Tape the weapons to the arms of the plush. You can glue the weapons on if you want.

Step 4: Final Product.

Well thats it. You made your plush 200% cooler. Look at my plush. I used tape so that I could take the wings and weapons off if I wanted to. FYI this is my first instructable. Goodbye! Have a great day!

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