Introduction: Counter and Timer

This device is called The counter and timer. This equipment is for athletes who need to train their lower body. By folding the carton into half with two wires gripping on two sides, the device will record how many jumps or other training workout did the athlete do in a certain time. The time will start countdown when the button is pressed. The user does not have to worried that the time can’t be controlled. The LED will shine when the wire on the cardboard is touched. It is able to ensure that the device does not miss the jumps that the user do.

Step 1: Materials You Need in This Project:

Button X1

Carton X1

Foil Paper X1

Cardboard X1

Wire X18

A roll of tape


Blue resistor X2

Yellow resistor X2

A Micro-USB cable

Arduino Leonardo X1

Breadboard X1

Step 2: Start Making the Device - Arduino Circuits

This circuit I made on the Tinkercad is a little different from the real circuit. I change the right button into the clips. It is because the clip will grip on the cardboard in order to count the jumps. The left button is working with the blue LED. When the left button is pressed, the blue LED will light for about 2 seconds. The right clips work with the white LED. This makes sure the clips do not miss any induction.

Step 3: Start Making the Device - Box and Cardboard

The width and length of the hole from the front side are 0.5 X 2cm. The hole from the top side is 12.5 X 9.3cm. The hole of the left side is 3 X 1.8 cm. The hole of the top side is for looking at the LED. I can see the white LED shine when jumping the cardboard. Hole of the left side is for plugging in the Micro-USB cable. Hole of the front side is to extend the wire to let the clips grip on the cardboard. Let’s talk about the cardboard, The size of the cardboard is about 25cm X 20.8. Put a plastic board at the folding point. It increases the toughness of the cardboard. Furthermore, add the foil paper at each side of the cardboard. It helps the clip to have more range to sense the jumps of the user.

Step 4: Code

int counter = 0;
bool button = false;

void setup() { pinMode(12, INPUT);//start button

pinMode(2, INPUT);//Button

pinMode(9, OUTPUT); //Start

pinMode(13, OUTPUT);



void loop() {

if(digitalRead(12)){ //from line 15 to 19 is the code of timer

digitalWrite(9, HIGH);

for(int i = 0; i < 500; i++){

if (i == 100) {

digitalWrite(9, LOW);


if(digitalRead(2) == 0 && button){ // from line 21 to 28 is the code of counter

button = false;

digitalWrite(13, LOW);


if(digitalRead(2) == 1 && !button){

button = true;

digitalWrite(13, HIGH);

counter ++;


delay(10); }

Serial.print("score:"); //print the score on the serial port


counter = 0;




Step 5: Combine Everything Together!

This is the device combine all together. You can choose a better outlook.

Step 6: Video

This is the video link.