Introduction: Country Potter Rocks Out DIY Juke Box (and Possible Future Instructable)

About: I am currently single, and have been a maker all my life. I currently work as a technician for a comercial Laundromat company. I and my friends have built a nascar simulator, and lot of other stuff, and I hav…
built from 90% recycled /found and or junk parts. This is my DIY Touchscreen Jukebox.

It is built from:
1 Dell Pavilion mid 80 desktop salvaged computer, With Windows 98. 
1 copy of WinAmp free from
2 Speakers from a broken stereo console
2 sets of 3 speakers from a boombox
1 touchscreen VGA monitor purchased off ebay for 75$, I used to be a customer research  system for Borders books
1 mini stereo amp I had around that I got with a very old computer system.
1 power strip , dumpster find
assorted wood peices, also dumpster finds
2 pints of paint , 8$
4 wood stars purchased from Lowes (3.75)
1 USB 500Mb external hard drive that I wasnt using, becasue it was too small to handle the data I was dealing with, its plety big for Mp3 files though)

assorted yard sale CD's (50 cents each) , personal collection, and free podcasts.  The computer Im usung dosnt have networking , but if it did you could also have Inernet streaming radio...)

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