Introduction: Country Rustic Handmade Lantern

How to use natural resources to make a rustic lantern.



Natural Resources -

Log, Cut two discs that are approximately 1 inch thick (I used a 4 inch diameter oak log)
Smaller log, Cut two discs that are approximately 1/2 inch thick (I used 2 1/4 inch diameter river birch)
Sticks, Cut four approximately 5 1/2 inch long (I used 1/2 inch diameter river birch)
Small Log, Cut one approximately 1 1/4 inch long (I used 1 7/8 inch diameter oak)
Small flexible stick, length of your choice (I used river birch)

Hand tools, etc. -

Pole Saw
Wood file
Wood Glue
Finish Nails
, (I used six)
Awl Screw Starter
Pocket Knife with Saw and Small Blade
Cable Ties

Step 1: Cut Wood As Specified in Supply List

To start this whole process......

You can use a pole saw to cut the wood out of the tree, or you can use limbs that have fallen.

Cut wood to size as specified in the supply list.

Loppers were used as an initial cut on the sticks; a backsaw was used to cut the sticks and logs to length.

Step 2: Trim the Nodes Down on the Sticks (optional)

If desired...

Trim nodes down on the four 1/2 inch diameter sticks with a backsaw.

Trim nodes down on the small flexible stick with scissors or by pinching them off.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Top of the Lantern

Use the awl screw starter to make a hole through the center of the 1 7/8 inch log.

Use the backsaw to cut at the base of the center hole.

Use the pocket knife saw to deepen the inset where the twine will go.

Step 4: Filing Wood As Needed

File wood as needed (except the small flexible stick) so that it sets level on a table and the pieces match up

when put together.

Step 5: Assembling Top and Bottom

Glue smaller log discs in the center of log discs.

Use three finishing nails to further secure the smaller log disc to the log disc.

Let set overnight to dry.

Step 6: Preparing the Sticks

Mark with a pencil where the small log disc comes up on the sticks, top and bottom of sticks.

Use the small blade on the pocket knife to whittle a flat spot on the stick, up to where pencil mark is located.

This will create more surface space to adhere with glue.

Step 7: Attaching Sticks to Base

Liberally apply glue to ends and flattened area of sticks.

Attach sticks to base, wrap with twine, and tie an adjustable knot (this acts as a clamp.)

Wrap a few more times with twine and use glue to adhere twine to base.

Let dry overnight.

Step 8: Assembling the Top

Repeat previous step and turn upside to dry (this keeps the glue from running down sticks).

Let dry overnight.

Step 9: Adding the Top

Place tied twine piece in groove in top.

Apply glue and set on top.

Put a cable tie or ties around top to hold until dry.

Let set overnight.

Step 10: You’re Finished!

Step 11: Decorate to Your Preference

Just a note...

Be careful when using the sharp hand tools.

Do Not Use a Flame Candle - LED Only

Hope You Enjoy This Project!

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