Coupon Book Made From Old Notebook "Composition Book"

Introduction: Coupon Book Made From Old Notebook "Composition Book"

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Turn an old Marble Notebook into a handy Coupon book to keep your coupons organized while shopping.

What You'll Need:

1.Old Marble Notebook
2.File cabinet folder, or other thick paper
3.Duck Tape
4.Stapler (With staples)
6.Knife, or try to use scissors

Step 1: Take Apart the Notebook.

Open up the marble notebook to the middle page. The very middle of the book should be easy to find because this is the point of the book where all the pages bend. In the very middle of the book you will find string stitched through the pages.

Use scissors or a knife to cut the stitches in the middle of the book, and then you can pull all of the pages out at once without any effort.

What you will be left with is the front and back cover of the notebook, and a packet of paper. Have'nt thought of anything to do with all of the paper yet, so do whatever you like to it.

Step 2: Cut the Notebook to Size.

Close the notebook and cut the sides opposite the book's spine about 4 1/2 inches away from the spine. What you want is the book spine, with 4 1/2 inches of each cover coming off the sides. If you make it any wider than this, it may not fit in your back pocket when shopping.

After you've cut the covers down to size, move onto your file cabinet folder, or other choice of thick paper. Cut pieces of the thick paper that are as tall as the book is wide.

Using a ruler or other flat straight object, fold the thick paper accordian style. When inserted into the sides of the coupon book, it will allow you to open it up.

Step 3: Putting Sides on the Coupon Book.

Now take the accordian folded paper, and place it on one of the sides of the coupon book, making sure the fold lines go up and down. Staple the last fold to the cover, and the other last fold to the other cover.

Do this for both sides, and you should have what looks like an accordian, that you can close and open from the folded paper on the sides.

Step 4: Putting the Top On.

The flap is made from one of the pieces that you cut off of the cover from earlier. Lay down a strip of duct tape and put the cut off piece half way across it. Press it down, and then take the coupon book and put it on the other half of the piece of tape, leaving a centimeter gap between the pieces. This gap will allow for movement in the flap, instead of making it stand straigh up.

Lay another piece of duct tape on the opposite side of the one you just laid to increase strength, and get rid of the stickyness of the tape gap.

(I should also mention that on the front cover of the coupon book you can cut down a little further to make an indention to make it easier to see things in the book.)

Step 5: Finishing and Adding Dividers.

At this point you have an almost completed coupon book. From here you can finish trimming the edges that you stapled earlier with duct tape to make them look cleaner, and also make them stronger.

Heck, if you want, cover the whole thing in duct tape. That's the ultimate choice in security there.

To keep your coupons organized in the book you can make dividers out of the leftover paper you have. Just cut them the same hight and lenght of the coupon book, and leave a one inch outward indention to write things on.

The last two pics are my dads coupon book that he's been using for a while. It's made of a very thick file cabinet folder.

Hope you've enjoyed this instructable as well as the others I've recently published. I enjoy positive feedback, as does everyone I assume.

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