Cous Cous and Halloumi Cheese

Introduction: Cous Cous and Halloumi Cheese

I’m a great fan of halloumi cheese, I think it may be my favourite kind. This recipe is very simple, and takes less and 30 minutes to make!

Step 1:

Prepare a vegetable broth to cook the cous cous in. This only takes around 5 minutes to cook so begin to prepare the brocolli and sugar snap peas.

Step 2:

Once the brocolli and sugar snap peas are steaming, cut up the halloumi chesse. You can either lighly grill these or lightly fry them in a pan.

Step 3:

The cous cous will be ready now so add the sguar snap peas to it. Mix this together witth brocolli.

Step 4:

Place the halloumi and tomatoes on the cous cous and enjoy :)

p.s. Sprinkly some lemon juice over this is great!

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    Thanks, you should it's lovely!