Introduction: Covered Hardback Books

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I am in the process of putting a shelf up in my living room and the metal brackets are a bit too obvious for my tastes. So, I took four hardcover books that I needed for another project and used the covers to hide the brackets. If you find a project that you need book pages for and don't want to throw the cover away, here is an idea.
All you need is a hardcover book, with or with out pages.
Wrapping paper, contact paper, wall paper or wall paper samples
Tape, any kind as long as it is strong enough to hold paper against paper.

Step 1: Covering Your Book

This project was so easy, it doesn't need many steps. In fact, here it is.

*Measure the book lengthwise and width wise. Add 3" in all directions to allow for plenty of room to fold and tape. Cut the rectangle. Easy, right?
*Lay the sheet, design down. Place the book cover, outside down. (See pic 2)
*Fold the edges on the top and bottom, taping as needed. Fold the corners in to prevent overlapping, like when wrapping a present. (See pic 6 & 7)
*Then fold the flaps up and tape, to death if you're anything like I am.
*Close the cover, and done.

So simple, but it makes a huge difference in your decorating. I have four covers in four different designs, so you can see how different patterns and colors look.