Introduction: Covering Fine Lines and Wrinkles

About: We believe StyleUnited is the first ever truly personalized, head-to-toe, online beauty and fashion platform. We connect women to their full style potential using these innovative tools: *Style 360 -- A pe… Skin loses it's elasticity as we age, which causes fine lines and wrinkles. Here, Aida will give us some tips on how to cover those fine lines and diminish wrinkles.


1. Preparing Skin: Always cleanse, moisturize, and protect with any skin care routine. For skin that has aged, we suggest Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution complex moisturizer. Next, use a primer like CoverGirl Simply Ageless.

2. Correcting and Concealing: CoverGirl Simply Ageless Eye Concealer helps with darkness under eyes and anywhere shadows fall on your face.

3. Foundation: Next, apply foundation. We recommend CoverGirl Simply Ageless which has our Regenerist serum and SPF for protection in the product.

4. Powdering: Finish with a loose translucent powder like CoverGirl TruBlend Minerals, which helps set makeup and keeps it from settling into fine lines and wrinkles.