Introduction: Covering Up an Incredible Eye Sore With a Barn Door Closet!

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I went to my stash of left over 2x4s and 2x6s and managed to build the entire frame out of scrap lumber from the house renovation. Really, I just built a little room. I got to work then covering the entire frame with leftover bead board. If you've ever worked with ply bead before (plywood that looks like bead board) you know you only have two sides with a tongue and groove to work with so, to not have any seems, you need to keep your wits about you.

Step 1: Completion

I had enough scrap leftover from trimming the house and out in the barn to do all but one piece of all of that trim! So, for a cost of all of $2 I grabbed a 6 foot 1x4 at our local lumber yard after work and completed all of the trim using my air compressor and brad nailer. Then I painted it tout and hung my door.

This closet PASSED ELECTRICAL INSPECTION. So, please don't attempt to lecture me on whether or not this is "ok"

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