Cow Dung Carrying Vehicle

Introduction: Cow Dung Carrying Vehicle

We have few cows, a buffalow and a calf. Sometimes, no helper is there to collect the dung and throw the same at the designated place. I make this vehicle so that even my kids, wife or mother can easily collect the dung and throw it at the Ghura (we call the place where we collect the dung). And I am happy that its usable for that purpose. And even my father uses it to carry wooden blocks for making fire (to get heat during the cold season in India).

I used my old abandoned childhood bicycle, abandone iron can (from our ice factory) to make it. Made of only scrap material.


  • My old abandoned bicycle
  • Its wheels
  • Its handle
  • Old iron can
  • Its body
  • Its head (from 2 such iron cans)


  • Welding machine
  • Plier
  • Drilling machine
  • Nuts and bolts

Step 1: Cutting

  • I cut the old can, the rusted part (removed).
  • Then cut it, half from the top, as shown in figure.
  • Head of two such cans removed to be mounted on wheels.

Step 2: Cycle Dismantling

  • Wheels from cycle were removed.
  • The heads from iron can were bended to make it as a support for the wheels as shown in picture.
  • Handle from cycle was also removed, I have to cut the body of cycle for that.

Step 3: Vehicle Assembly

  • An L shape iron strip was attached to both wheels and the iron can is mounted on it.
  • Then handle is attached.
  • The vehicle is ready to be used in just 4-5 hours.
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