Introduction: Cowboy Toast, an Inexpensive, Easy to Make, Kid Friendly Meal.

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 This kid friendly and tasty meal was created back when my kids were still small, in todays economy a budget friendlly and filling meal is still a plus and its easy enough for even the beginner cook (or frazzled father) to create. The recipe has had several names like,  yankee chili, cowboy chili, that bean stuff but the one that stuck the best is Cowboy Toast even though its just as good without the toast

Step 1: Pantry Raid

here's what I generally use, this recipe is easy to change ingrediants to fit whats available or family tastes.

 ground meat of choice, Im using beef but turkey will work just fine with some seasoning, your  going to need about 1lb. I freeze my bulk purchases in approx 2lb packs, Im cooking it all up now and will save the leftover for tacos 
 1 onion chopped, worstershire sauce(not shown), garlic (not shown)

canned baked beans, use what your family likes
you COULD use the beans right from the can but I always doctor them up

 brown sugar (not shown)
 bottled BBQ sauce
 yellow mustard
 spicey mustard

  sorry about the missing ingrediants in the pics, somethings I dont think about until Im actually cooking...

Step 2: Lets Start Cooking

The 1st step is to chop or dice up an onion  now get it in a frying pan and add the ground meat of your choice, I also added some worcheshire sauce and garlic

Step 3: The Musical Fruit

While the meat is browning lets get started on the beans, empty your cans of beans into a pot, and add your doctoring up fixings if your so inclined, sorry I don't use measurements, there's about a chunk of brown sugar, a 5count of honey, maybe a 2count of BBQ sauce and enough if both mustards to make it look pretty. Get some heat under the pot, stir to mix and slowly bring the bean mix to a slow boil and then reduce the heat to a gentle simmer

Step 4: Combine

Strain any excess grease or juices from the ground meat and add the meat to the beans. How much? Until it looks right to you but a lb of meat works well for a large can of baked beans or a medium and small can, let the mix simmer until some of the juices are absorbed into the meat and the mix is slightly thickened

Step 5: Get Ready to Serve

Make a piece of cheese toast or 2 per person, just put the bread in an 300degree oven for a couple minutes and then top with cheese, heat until the cheese is slightly melted, place the cheese toast on a plate and cover with the meat and bean mix, you can add as many layers as you want or your appetite demands. You can add what ever sides your family enjoys but theres nothing wrong with just potato chips and a tomato and lettuce salad... think cheeseburger, and baked beans...