Introduction: Cowgirl Yoyo

For those of us that don't chew tobacco or know anyone that does, I devised this model.

This is the counter part of the Cowboy Yoyo.
I didn't know what else to call it.

It is simply a toy that many folks have never seen before.

Step 1: Supplies Needed.

  1. A piece of wood big enough to cut out two disks.
  2. A dowel about 7 inches long. I used a quarter in, you can use water you want, just so you have beads large enough to fit over it.
  3. A length of heavy cord 18 to 20 inches long.
  4. 5 wooden beads.

Step 2: Making the Disks.

I used a soup can as a template to draw two circles on my wood.

It really doesn't make any difference what size you use. If you use a compass you don't need to worry about finding the center of the disk.

Step 3:

Since I used a can to make my disks, I drew another circle on a piece of paper and cut it out and then folded it into quarters.

Step 4: Working on the Disks.

Using whatever saw you have, cut out the disks. Then using the paper template and an sharp pointed tool mark the center of each disk.

This time when you sand the disks sand just up to the line so your disk is round.

Step 5: Drilling the Holes.

In one disk using a drill bit the next size smaller then your dowel, drill a hole part way into the disk. Do not drill all the way through this disk.

Then using a small drill bit drill a hole all the way through the second disk.

I do this as a guide for using a Fostner bit. I used a 1.5 inch Fostner bit to drill a hole half way through the disk then turned it over and finished drilling the hole. You can drill it all the way through from the first side if you like. Your choice.

Step 6: Drilling Other Holes in the Disk.

Put a small amount of wood glue on the end of the dowel and drive it into the center hole of the bottom disk.

Mark the outside of the upper disk on what will be the top and the bottom and one side of the disk.

I clamped the disk to my band saw table so it wouldn't move and drilled the small hole on the side of the disk.

Then using a bit just a little larger then the dowel drill another hole up through the bottom of the disk, then place a board on the outside of the disk and continue drilling the hole all the way through the disk.

Step 7: Sanding.

I don't have a router table to round over the edges so I just sand the outside the two disks and also on the inside of the upper disk.

Step 8: Assembly

Place three of the beads over the dowel and place the upper disk on top of them.

Then put a small amount of wood glue inside the top bead and slide it over the dowel down to just over the top of the disk. Be sure the lower disk and dowel turn smoothly inside the upper disk.

Let the glue set for a few minutes then cut off the excess dowel and sand it down to the top of the bead.

Step 9: Final Steps.

I use a short length of 50 pound monofilament fishing line to help thread the cord through the side of the disk and through the center of the dowel. Tie a knot around the dowel and go out 12 to 14 inches and attach the last bead.

Then roll the bottom disk to wrap the cord around the dowel.

View the movie to see how everything works.

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