Introduction: Cozen Chair

This is the Cozen Chair, it's the second chair that I have made. When you sit down in the Cozen, you have no pain or uncomfortable pressure points. The back of the chair is specifically bent at the correct angle to give you maximum comfort. Cozen equals ergonomic and styled.

Tools Needed:
Welder (MIG in this case)

4 1/2 inch angle grinder

Hand Break (really any way to make the bends)

Materials Needed:

20" x 42.5" 14 gauge sheet metal

188" of 1" x 8" rectangular steel tube

1/4" x 2" x 13" steel plate

Step 1: Bending the Seat

A diagram is available at the bottom to visualize the bends and lengths.

To start building the Cozen, you will first need to make a 115º bend 14" from one end of the 20" x 42.5" 14 gauge sheet metal. Next make one 90º bend 18" from the 115º bend. Now 2.5" from the first 90º bend just made, make another 90º bend, you should be left with 8" on the end. Lastly make the final 90º bend at the front of the chair 13" from the 115º bend. Now the main chair portion is created and time to move onto the frame.

Step 2: Main Frame

To start off you are going to want to cut up the tube. (Make sure to relate back to the pictures when building.)

The lengths are:

2 - 40"

2 - 18"

4 - 8"

3 - 11"

First weld the 2 - 40" of tube 4" from both ends of the seat created in step 2, leaving a 10" gap in the middle. Next you need to grind the bottoms of the 40" tube so that the seat will remain level to the ground when welded to the feet. Now the 18" feet will be set so that 8" is forward of the 40" leg. The 18" feet will be welded at approximately 110º leaving a gap of 17" at the front and 4" at the back. Now that those are positioned weld them to the legs. After the feet have been welded grind one of the 11" sections at an angle so it will fit directly between the 40" sections and then welded there. After that grind 2 of the 8" sections so they come straight out and parallel to each other. These will become the end of the feet.The remaining 11" sections will be what holds up the bottom of the seat. To prepare these for welding make sure one end is flush up against the 40" section and the tube is flush with the bottom of the seat. Lastly is the supports for the legs to the feet. Center and then weld the 1/4" x 2" x 13" steel plate 5" away from the legs. Now take the remaining 8" sections that will become the leg supports and cut them so they will go flat up against the steel plate and the 40" legs. Lastly weld them. You should be all done with the construction of the chair now.

Step 3: Painting

The final step is to paint it. First I sanded the chair and then put down a layer of primer. After the primer I put two coats of paint. The color I chose was black with a tint of copper.

YaY the chair is done.

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